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Small but mighty: Alpha's new domestic boiler
Published:  07 April, 2017

Alpha Heating Innovation has announced the launch of its new E-Tec combi boiler - the smallest model within Alpha's domestic range. 

Lightweight and straightforward to install, it features a new stainless steel heat exchanger and promises to deliver on functionality, reliability and energy efficiency, according to the company.

Available in two outputs, the E-Tec boiler is capable of delivering up to 14.1 litres of water per minute, making it suitable for small- to medium-sized homes. Due to wide waterways within the heat exchanger and a high efficiency Grundfos pump, mains water is warmed up quickly for constant delivery of hot water.

E-Tec has a neat, compact design and can be easily installed within a kitchen cupboard. Accessible from the front, servicing is quick to carry out. The backlit LCD display and push button controls mean operation is also straightforward for the homeowner.

In addition, the E-Tec boiler has a Class 6 NOx rating and is Opentherm compatible, so that it can be combined with the latest energy saving controls.

Technical manager at Alpha, Darran Smith, said: "We strive to address the evolving needs of both heating installers and end users. The benefits of compact boilers that are straightforward to install as well as handle are constantly being flagged as a priority and, with the E-Tec, we feel we've achieved this - but without taking away from the high performance standard customers have come to expect of Alpha."

More information on the E-Tec range can be found online at www.alpha-innovation.co.uk.