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BESA to offer member discount on CIBSE training courses
Published:  21 June, 2016

The Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) has brokered an agreement with the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) under which CIBSE will make its professional-level training courses available to BESA members at a 10% discount.

Under the arrangement, BESA members will be provided with a special weblink and code, enabling them to apply online for CIBSE training and claim their discount.

"This is a very positive move, and a further demonstration of the collaboration between our two bodies," said Peter Rimmer, BESA's director of employment affairs and skills.

"It also makes the important point that, when it comes to training, BESA does not just operate at craft level. We recognise that professional-level training and knowledge is also fundamental to what our members do. It is increasingly important that our training reach reflects the growing sophistication of projects, wider collaboration in the supply chain and technical developments such as the greater use of digital design and data management.”

Rowan Crowley, managing director of CIBSE Services, said: "CIBSE operates across the full spectrum of training in the building services industry, and we are delighted to be able to extend this offer to BESA members. "Collaboration between organisations is vital to better building performance, especially in training, because it increases the skills of engineers and raises standards across the whole industry. We are very much looking forward to working with BESA in this way."

The association will receive regular updates from CIBSE and publicise to members the forthcoming programme of courses, which cover:

  • Electrical services
  • Energy efficiency
  • Facilities management
  • Fire safety
  • Lighting
  • Mechanical services
  • Project management
  • Water services
  • Public health.