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Meet 'Udrain Bolt'!
Published:  19 March, 2013

Tradesmen calling at Jewson's Northampton 585 branch have been getting a bit of a surprise lately when they come face to face with 'Udrain Bolt'.

The aptly named figure, which strikes the 'lightning bolt' pose made famous by its namesake, Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt, has been assembled from a variety of components from Hepworth's plumbing range.

In keeping with the competitive theme, the decision to recreate the gold medal-winning athlete was in response to a challenge from a neighbouring Jewson branch, which had created its own figure from Osma components.

Assistant branch manager Ken Broderick said: "It was a team effort inspired by Lee Fox, one of our sales specialists. It was a bit of fun but we knew we had to go one better than our colleagues down the road. Customers have loved it, but sadly we don’t have a gold medal to put round its neck...yet!"