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Eco-friendly home improvements: What's the Green Deal?
Published:  01 February, 2013

India Johnson talks through some of the benefits of the government's energy-efficiency scheme.

The Green Deal Scheme was launched on 28 January, not only transforming homes into warmer, more comfortable places, but transforming our attitudes towards environment and climate change.

An appalling amount of carbon emissions are constantly being released into the atmosphere, which puts a huge strain on our environment. Some simple changes to a home can make a huge difference in lowering these emissions. For example, a study has shown that in a 20 year period carbon emissions could be reduced by a significant 22 tonnes from one standard semi-detached property having A-rated double glazing installed.

One of the main measures available under the Green Deal scheme is the installation of Green Deal boilers. Having an old, inefficient boiler can drain your energy resources and pump up your energy bills to no end. The average cost for a boiler replacement is £2,300, leading to the result of many struggling on with clapped out machines because they simply cannot afford the upfront cost of having them replaced.

The Green Deal, however, dispels this cost concern, offering a financing system that will allow you to have a new, efficient boiler installed at no upfront cost. The Green Deal loan is a method thought out by the government to ensure that the necessary energy efficiency improvements can be made financially viable for homeowners. The loan follows a “golden rule”; the monthly instalments paid for improvements will never be allowed to exceed the money the property owner saves on their energy bills. With 60% of our bills going on the cost it takes to heat a home, one can see how having a new boiler fitted under the Green Deal scheme is an extremely logical move.

With the use of the Green Deal Assessment scheme, property owners will be able to learn which boiler would be best suited to their home. For example, a large family that consumes a lot of hot water would be advised to go for a regular boiler.

The Green Deal is not only here to help the environment, but to help families manage their ever-increasing energy bills, and enjoy more valuable and comfortable homes. Get on board today and help the government save our vulnerable environment.

India Johnson is copywriter and SEO executive for The Green Deal Hub, a website  that aims to raise awareness, share information and provide useful links and opportunities related to the government's Green Deal initiative.