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Joule launches new unvented cylinder promotion
Published:  12 October, 2018

Home heating and hot water specialist Joule has launched a winter promotion to reward installers purchasing multiple products from its unvented cylinder range.

Installers purchasing three Joule unvented cylinders between October 1 and December 31 2018 can claim a free Snickers hoodie. Claims can be made by completing a simple online form by January 30 2019.

Joule’s range of Cyclone unvented cylinders are available in direct and indirect versions, with solar, heat pump, pre-plumbed and slimline options available. The recently launched Cyclone Air cylinders incorporate an internal expansion air gap for an neat installation. All of Joule’s cylinders have high-recovery smooth stainless steel tube coils to ensure optimal performance and high heat transfer rates. The cylinders are ErP-compliant; B-C-rated versions are available as standard, while A-rated cylinders can be made to order.

David Klages, Managing Director at Joule, said: “Over the last eight years, we have worked tirelessly to develop our product range, manufacturing processes and machinery, and have listened to our customers’ needs and expectations. With their high performance and quality, we believe that the Cyclone brand of cylinders lead the way for the next generation of hot water cylinder development.

“We are now the fastest-growing unvented cylinder manufacturer in the UK and we certainly couldn’t have achieved this without our loyal – and growing – customer base.

“We are running this promotion to say thank you to installers who are purchasing multiple Joule unvented cylinders. We wanted to give our customers something they’d find really useful, and know that Snickers workwear is a popular choice among heating installers.”

For further details about the offer, please visit www.jouleuk.co.uk/cyclone-promotion