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Installer Lewis Howard reveals why he now fits smart thermostats
Published:  25 March, 2015

Lewis Howard, director of C&J Heating and Plumbing, explains why he now offers his customers smart thermostats through SmartInstallers.co.uk

SmartInstallers.co.uk is a club that provides independent heating installers with access to smart technology, enabling them to compete effectively with national providers. The club also offers sales support, training and product discounts, helping installers to increase the number of smart thermostats they sell, providing them with an additional revenue stream and helping them to convert more quotations to installations.

In the video below, Lewis Howard, director of C&J Heating and Plumbing, talks about why he now offers his customers smart thermostats.

"As an independent installer, I was keen to find out more about offering smart controls to my customers," he said. "How would they really benefit the homeowner and would they make me money? I was encouraged to read the following statistic from smartinstallers.co.uk (HomeServe Alliance's installer hub for smart thermostats). According to their research, one in three Brits believes smart thermostats are the best option for managing heating bills. So it seemed there was a captive audience, but I wanted to delve deeper to look at the different product types on the market and what their real benefits were."