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Innovators seek inventors with great ideas
Published:  30 July, 2010

Sheffield-based company Incub is looking for inventors with great ideas for new products.

The company, backed by manufacturers Gripple and Loadhog, has created the new company to help fast-track innovative new product ideas from inventors who lack the required skills, equipment or funding to turn their ideas into commercial realities.

During the development phase, the inventors – called Cubs – will be employed and have access to the companies' talented ideas and innovations, design, marketing, learning and development teams.

Alan Somerfield, Incub's ideas and innovations director, said: "The Cubs could be graduates, who have nurtured ideas during their time at university; product designers who have spotted an opportunity; or mature individuals with an idea yearning for a new challenge. Our door is wide open to them all. Once a product is ready to launch, they will be encouraged to grow their ideas into worldwide businesses, creating valuable jobs in South Yorkshire."

During the past three years, Sheffield-based Gripple and Loadhog have won three Queen's Awards and two best factory awards.

For more information, contact Incub on info@incub.co.uk, visit www.incub.co.uk or call 0114 2288 701 and speak to Gordon Macrae or Alan Somerfield.