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Raise consumer awareness of efficient technologies
Published:  25 September, 2012

More must be done to raise public awareness of the advantages of efficient technologies, according to a new report by the Green Alliance.

Heating manufacturer Baxi has welcomed the report. Simon Osborne, Baxi's head of product management, said the report "highlights the importance of efficiency and the work that needs to be done to convince homeowners that by investing in efficiency, they will reduce their energy bills.”

"As a business, Baxi is committed to developing highly efficient products and promoting the benefits of efficiency."

According to the Green Alliance report, entitled Cutting Britain's Energy Bill, efficiency can bring energy bills down quickly, but the main tool to delivering this efficiency is product policy – a commitment from manufacturers to designing more energy efficient products.

The report says that, by 2020, 42% of energy bill cost reductions are expected to come from product policy, saving £158 off the average energy bill.

"Apart from the £158 a year a household could save by 2020, an even bigger saving can be made right now by replacing an inefficient boiler," said Osborne.

"The Energy Savings Trust (EST) says that up to £300 can be saved on annual fuel bills when you replace an inefficient boiler with a new high efficiency boiler.

"Baxi’s commitment to efficiency can extend this figure by a further £70, thanks to our gas adaptive technology which continuously monitors combustion and adjusts the gas and air mix to ensure the boiler is always working at maximum efficiency."