Heating, Ventilating & Plumbing
Three ways to make a better business

Working conditions may not have changed much for those in the plumbing and ventilation industry, but things have moved on massively in the last few years on the technology front. So, as a tech-savvy tradesmen, how can you use technology to grow your business and make it more efficient? Benjamin Dyer gives HVP his top tips.

Uniting together to champion energy efficiency

Liz Male discusses how the Big Energy Vision is helping UK consumers take control of their energy bills.

Raise the volume on awareness of noise induced hearing loss

It’s estimated there are 20,000 new cases of work-related noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) diagnosed in the UK each year, despite it being the only type of hearing loss that is completely preventable. Lee Wright explains.

What if there was a 5-a-day for energy?

Sam Kennedy looks at five simple actions that could save people up to £100 per year

Plumbers lead London job revival

Charlie Mullins believes training up new plumbers is key to economic recovery.

Installers encouraged to capitalise on colder weather by selling domestic RHI and renewable heating to homeowners

With frosty weather on the horizon, Stephen Knight is calling for installers across the UK to push the benefits of air source heat pumps (ASHP) to homeowners in time for them to reap the financial and environmental benefits of making the switch this winter.

Advice for SME's on how to avoid insurance scares

AXA Business Insurance warns that many small businesses could be sleep-walking into prosecution and financial difficulties simply because of oversights when arranging their insurance.

New survey reveals shocking failure of government to address payment issue

Barry Ashmore talks about the 'betrayal of the specialist contractor' following findings that they are still suffering from payment abuse

Five scaffolding safety 'don'ts'

Scaffold Towers takes a look at what to avoid when working at height, in order to reduce the risk of injury.

How fluctuations in weather and temperature affect productivity

Andrews Sykes looks at the implications of an uncomfortable working environment and how modern air conditioning delivers productivity-boosting cooling coupled with highly cost-effective heating

The progression of plumbing

Jennifer Smith, of Conwy Valley Plumbing, takes a look at the evolution of plumbing and some of the technological advances that make installers' lives that little bit easier.

Bendy bananas and hand-pumped hoovers

Yvonne Orgill explains how some unusual EU regulations prompted the creation of the European Water Label Scheme.

A plague on both my houses

Stewart Hicks shares the horrors of mouldy student accommodation.

Time to consider the impact of heat transfer fluids

Not enough companies are paying attention to the quality of heat transfer fluids used within HVAC systems, according to Kilfrost's Andrew Murray.

A Brit in the headlights: Preparing your van for foreign roads

Many small business owners are likely to be planning to take their van abroad, whether it's to work on an overseas contract or for a break out of the country.

Be cool at work this summer

The summer months often present a challenge where personal protective equipment (PPE) is concerned, because it can be tempting for workers to take off hard hats and high visibility or protective clothing in order to cool down.

Honing in on improvements to Green Deal

Matching up boiler replacement with energy efficiency improvements through the government's Green Deal scheme has the potential to create new opportunities for the heating industry, but installers aren't participating and there are some obvious reasons for that. With this in mind, Baxi is working with policymakers to modify the current system to increase interest and uptake among heating installers. Andrew Keating, marketing director at Baxi comments on the company's proposals.

My first year in the ventilation industry

As a product marketing manager, my key objective - my 'raison d'être', if you will - is to get excited about my products. A good product marketer should be able to muster enthusiasm about anything.

The great source

Groundwater, which is widely available in the UK, has great potential for energy saving and CO2 reduction. An integrated heat pump technology may help to harness its sustainability and profitability, says Andrea Bertelle, communications manager at Climaveneta.

The ongoing impact of Part L

This year, the domestic heating market saw another set of revisions made to Part L of the Building Regulations. Here, Francine Wickham, global marketing director for Fernox explains why these changes represent good news for the industry.

Boost in MCS interest is an encouraging sign for RHI

Paul Joyner, managing director of SBS, part of the Travis Perkins Group, discusses the increasing interest in Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) accreditations since the launch of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) in April 2014, and what it could mean for installers.

Time for plumbers to start planning for a rainy day

With more homeowners becoming environmentally aware, attentions are turning towards new ways to improve green credentials and cut costs. Sandra Everett, senior marketing manager at Plumbfix, talks about the growing interest in domestic water harvesting and the new opportunities this presents for plumbers.

Seeing red at a new Green Fund?

Paul Hardy, managing director at Baxi, offers some fuel for thought on today's launch of GDHIF.

Time to make some improvements?

Anyone who works in the home improvement industry knows that one of the worst things a customer can do is try to resolve the problem by themselves. This can often lead to more serious damage being caused. But what do we expect our clients to do if they can't get hold of us? Sue Radcliffe from alldayPA offers her advice.

Baxi Commercial comment on non-domestic RHI

Jonathan Tedstone, business project manager at Baxi Commercial says despite the recent changes, there is still room for improvement in the government's Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

Five essential rules for ensuring hygenic drinking water

Despite high profile campaigning, Legionnaires' disease remains a key problem in the UK. In 2010 alone 350 cases were detected with an average of 10 to 15% resulting in fatalities. Mark Dowdeswell discusses the top five rules for ensuring safe drinking water

Will replacing a boiler save a household money on their fuel bills?

Anthony Brunton asks whether a straight boiler replacement will really give households the boiler savings they want.

New Green Deal Home Improvement Fund - a boost for boilers

Louis Pickersgill gives his reaction to the recently launched Green Deal Home Improvement Fund and explains why it's good for the boiler market

Rise in renewable heat calls for reliability and accuracy

Bernard McWeeney assesses the role heat meters play in government incentive schemes

Top tips for handling negative online reviews

Online customer reviews are playing an increasingly important role in influencing consumer behaviour, with many using them to guide their decisions on what product or service they purchase. Elliot Adams looks at how to manage online reviews and deal with customer complaints.

Trends in UK energy consumption

This infographic from RDO Kitchen Appliances shows how energy is typically consumed in UK households.

Making the most of the Green Deal

Paul Joyner, managing director of SBS, part of the Travis Perkins Group, explains how installers can use the Green Deal to make the most of their business.

Why the radiator is here to stay

Following the launch of the domestic renewable heat incentive, the Manufacturers' Association of Radiators and Convectors (MARC) makes the case for radiators and renewable systems

Why quality chemicals are crucial

Dr Neil Watson, technical director at Adey, looks at the role of premium quality chemicals in central heating system maintenance and how they deliver value for money for installers.

The domestic RHI - can we expect a renewables boom?

Underfloor heating and integrated renewable solutions supplier Nu-Heat asks whether, with such a long build up to the domestic RHI and so many expectations to live up to, industry can expect to see a real boom in the uptake of renewable technologies. Adrian Troop shares his thoughts

B&ES president shares optimistic outlook for members, while warning USA of dangers of recovery

Bruce Bisset, president of the Building & Engineering Services Association, has reminded industry colleagues that, traditionally, more firms go to the wall during a recovery than fail in the depths of a recession.

Why we shouldn't neglect old properties

With changes to Part L of the Building Regulations coming into force on 1 April, Paul Strudley, sales director at ADEY Professional Heating Solutions, warns that we shouldn't forget about older homes.

Quality of service and setting challenging targets is the way to cope with ever-changing FITs

Almost constant changes in government financial incentives should not be used as an excuse for poor performance by the renewable energy sector, which can still see sales rise, says Lee Baxter

Time to tackle 'dead leg' plumbing

Mark Dowdeswell, applications manager and plumbing expert at Uponor, says the UK heating and plumbing industry needs to rethink its design and installation methods to minimise the risk of legionella.

Understanding energy consumption in the UK

Francine Wickham, global marketing director at Fernox, discusses the importance of understanding energy usage in the UK and welcomes the Energy Bill Revolution - as long as it is implemented correctly.

What to do during the floods

Paul Hardy, managing director at Baxi, explains how to stay safe during the floods.

Money-saving upgrades could become obsolete if boilers are not serviced regularly

Neil Watson, technical director at ADEY Professional Heating Solutions, welcomes the news that homeowners could save more money if they upgrade their household boiler. However, he warns that the year-on-year benefits could become obsolete if boilers are not serviced regularly.

Will Green Deal assessments affect domestic RHI uptake?

James Cordner, renewables manager at BSW Building Services, comments on the requirement of a Green Deal assessment prior to installing measures under the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive.

Safe access for maintenance engineers

Daniel Betts of engineering contractor ECEX discusses the importance of constructing safe access ways, and how this can even prevent health risks such as Legionnaire's Disease.

Centralised hydrogen could be the answer

Mark Crowther, director and general manager of Kiwa in Cheltenham, discusses the benefits of hydrogen when aiming to achieve an 80% carbon reduction by the year 2050.

2014 will be the year of renewables and energy efficiency says NAPIT

With the Green Deal scheme being simplified and starting to gather momentum, the domestic RHI launching in the Spring and renewables maintaining popularity in the UK, 2014 is the perfect year to expand into the renewables and energy efficiency markets, says David Cowburn.

Predicting growth in 2014

Domestic heating renewables are set to provide growth opportunities for the HVAC industry in 2014, says Peter Verkempynck

HVAC industry to see great growth opportunities

R22 replacement and domestic heating renewables are set to provide the greatest growth opportunities for the HVAC industry in 2014, says Peter Verkempynck, managing director of Daikin UK.

Missed calls cost plumbers over £25,000 a year, according to survey

Plumbers are potentially losing in the region of £500 worth of business every week due to missed phone calls, according to research conducted on behalf of everreach, which surveyed over 250 small business owners and senior employees across various trades.

Rapid rise in material costs impacts on builder's profits

With the economy showing increased signs of recovery, builders are being advised to keep a keen eye on their margins or risk a slower than expected improvement in business or even making a loss on some jobs, says Joanna Mulgrew.