Heating, Ventilating & Plumbing
Encouraging women into the industry

Anne Timpany says the plumbing sector needs to do more to encourage women into the profession.

Fostering diversity can offer great benefits

Greater diversity in the workforce can provide major benefits for businesses, says Anne Timpany.

Navigate the gig economy using a market network

Market networks will increasingly play a role in job management in the ‘gig economy’, says Okappy

Make use of advancements in alarm technology

Homeowners are becoming increasingly aware of the dangers of smoke and carbon monoxide in their homes, but it is important for installers to make use of the latest technology to keep their customers safe, says Adrian Keats.

Five ways to leverage Instagram for your business

According to Instagram, 80% of users follow at least one business on the app. Richard Costello shares five tips to leverage Instagram successfully for your business.

The zombie boiler scourge

Tim Pollard explains why it's important to replace inefficient 'zombie' boilers with more energy efficient models

Five actions to prepare for digital disruption

Okappy provides five tips on how you and your business can adapt to the shifting landscape of an increasingly technology-focused world.

Why your business should be on social media

Richard Costello, owner of MultiPlumb, offers six reasons why your business needs to be on social media if it isn’t already.

How do you inspire the future generation to combat the skills gap?

Anne Timpany, Director of On Tap Plumbers, discusses how we can all help to promote apprenticeships and trade careers to young people, and make the industry more welcoming.

Staying safe on the job

Heating and plumbing is a tough trade, and installers can be at risk of putting themselves in harm’s way to get the job done, with almost 75% having suffered work-related injuries. Steve Owen, Baxi National Training Manager, outlines his failsafe tips for covering the basics and keeping you and your customer safe.

Internet of Things: The HVAC industry's new buzzword

Dave Davies, CEO of www.wireless-sensors.co.uk, explains why HVAC installers should take a second look at the internet of things, which he believes is set to revolutionise the industry.

The benefits of radiator manifold systems

John Gittens, Business Development Director at Maincor, explains why radiator manifold systems are a great alternative for providing individual room control with a traditional radiator system

Honeywell urges installers to advise families on CO safety

Adrian Keats from Honeywell’s Home Safety business comments on new research by carbon monoxide (CO) awareness campaign group Project SHOUT, suggesting that the number of children suffering from suspected CO poisoning is on the rise.

Why you should accept Bitcoin payments

Bitcoin as a currency is rapidly increasing in popularity, as businesses seek to find a fast, secure payment method that can give them a competitive edge. Plumber Richard Costello from MultiPlumb explains why he decided to accept Bitcoin payments in his business.

Avoiding Click Fraud when advertising your business online

Roy Dovastan explains how those plumbers who are advertising their services online must guard themselves against Click Fraud.

Does BIM just mean too many heads in the sand?

Just when you thought you were safe, the government now aims to make BIM 'business as usual'. Anne Kemp explains what this means for installers

The need-to-know on CO safety

With Gas Safety Week right around the corner, it’s vital to raise awareness around carbon monoxide (CO) safety as there is a dangerous lack of education on what this means in practical terms.

The evolution of PPE clothing

For workers who spend most of their time out in hazardous situations, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is an absolute necessity to keep them safe on site.

How has the Internet changed the plumbing industry?

Plumber Richard Costello of Kent-based MultiPlumb explains why he believes the internet is helping to fight back against cowboy plumbers.

Focus 'must remain on end goal of cutting emissions from heating'

OFTEC's CEO Paul Rose has responded to NIBE Energy Systems' Phil Hurley, who expressed his support for government plans to phase out the use of oil and coal in buildings, starting with the off-gas grid market.

5 ways social media can improve your business

In the last decade the use of social media for businesses has sky-rocketed with networks like Twitter and Facebook pages being a key element of industry marketing strategies. You may think that social-media users tend to be from younger generations but this is changing. Electronic job management company Okappy recommends that you get started now; that way you’ll be ahead of the age trend and ahead of your competitors.

Is there a future for renewable energy?

With renewable energy sources recently recorded to have generated more electricity than coal and gas in the UK at the beginning of June 2017, the demand for renewable heating solutions appears to be on the rise. PlumbNation discuss the advantages and disadvantages of some of the most popular renewable heating systems on the market.

Specifying MDPE pipe

Matt Silvester looks at the benefits MDPE water pipes can bring to high pressure mains water systems.

Don’t inhibit your knowledge

Nathan Gambling, a lecturer and installer better known as @BETAteach on Twitter, discusses the rise of inhibitors, and how marketing played a big role in deciding the solution to corrosion.

When training courses fall short

A plumbing lecturer writes to HVP to express their concerns over the 'no-failure' culture seen at some training providers.

Air quality policy: don't forget heating oil!

Phil Hurley asks why the political party's manifestos have failed to give emissions from heating the attention it deserves, and explains why he believes replacing oil systems with more emission-friendly systems can help improve air quality.

Five things you should be telling your customers about alarms

As a trusted source of home safety information, installers should raise awareness of the risks a homeowner faces by not having proper fire alarms, and provide them with a high quality, sealed smoke alarm. Adrian Keats of Honeywell explains what installers should be telling their customers.

Brexit and the pump industry - get involved!

Shaun Hampson, chairman of the British Pump Manufacturers' Association (BPMA) marketing committee, is encouraging engagement throughout the pump sector in order to meet the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead as the UK exits the European Union.

The bigger picture - heat pump trends for 2017

Simon Lomax discusses the potential impact of the revised Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

Top tips for installing urinals

Paul Thorn has some top tips on how to ensure you don’t miss your mark when installing urinals.

Fuel poverty needs to be debated

Mike Foster responds to a recent Dimplex comment on the Energy & Utilities Alliance's (EUA) fuel poverty report.

Is opportunity on the horizon?

Caitriona Deakin takes a look at the landscape in which tradespeople operate and considers the provision of on-going support to help their businesses grow and offer the peace of mind consumers and their families demand.

Boost your pay and help save lives

Adrian Keats explains why the CO alarm should be an essential part of every installer’s toolkit

Why health and safety signage is important

According to the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) there were 144 UK workers killed at work between 1 April 2015 to 31 March 2016 - 43 took place within the construction industry alone. Danny Adamson responds to the shocking statistics and explains how having the correct signage in place can lead to greater prevention of accidents in the workplace.

Driving efficiency in the face of rising fuel costs

With fuel prices once again starting to rise and impact on businesses, Robert Pieczka looks at the ways company owners can introduce further efficiencies into their business operations to to help combat the issue of rising fuel costs.

Top three hole saw hacks for cleaner, easier cutting

Materials in our homes and commercial buildings are advancing rapidly. While this is great news for designers and engineers, it poses challenges for tradespeople responsible for fitting new projects and refurbishing existing buildings. Here John Cove looks at the top three hole saw hacks that can make these jobs a breeze.

Swarfega celebrates 70 years with some top tips to keep your hands healthy at work

While the Second World War had immense impact across the globe, in a corner of Derbyshire, it left Deb - manufacturer of silk ware protection rinse-aid for silk stockings - without a market for its products: nylon stockings from America had replaced their silk predecessors. 

Five key things to know about ErP for water heaters and hot water storage tanks

The Ecodesign and Energy Labelling Directives (widely referred to as ErP) for water heaters and hot water storage tanks have been in force since September 2015. Over a year has passed, so Heatrae Sadia is reminding installers about the key things they should know:

Efficient heating maintenance for housing associations demands integrated technology

Jonathan Ralphs, managing director of Infomill, explains how a growing trend in technology is helping both DLO and non-DLO housing associations to reduce their gas servicing costs and meet challenging KPIs.

Installing the best customer service

Debbie Boxall has a look at how to get customer service right

Energy efficiency campaigner voices concerns for heating installers over Bonfield Review

The long-awaited Bonfield Review has been met with some concern by energy efficiency specialist, Peter Thom

Will getting smart help us to go green?

Smart meters are set to become a common part of the British home, helping us better manage energy usage and understand its cost. But will getting ‘smart’ also make us ‘green?’

The art of specifying heating controls

Heating controls have been placed firmly on the map thanks to a series of high profile product launches, media coverage and the onset of connectivity in the home. However, there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to modern heating controls. So, how do you go about choosing the right control for your customers, which will still deliver all of the necessary comfort and energy-saving benefits?

The importance of architecture

Maxine Easingwood discusses the considerations to be made when installing heating and cooling units in existing buildings.

Saving with weather compensation controls

Jon Phillips explains how weather compensation controls can unlock significant energy savings

Control, choice, and comfort at the press of a button

Richard Paine discusses how demand side management technologies such as smart thermostats can further bolster heat pumps’ environmental credentials

Taking on an apprentice is easy!

Jon Graham, chief executive of JTL, outlines how you and your business can benefit from taking on an apprentice and how to go about it.

Now Is The Time For Apprentices

Jon Graham, Chief Executive of JTL, outlines why now is the time to invest in apprenticeships in your workplace.

Don’t leave it up in the air this winter

Mark Boccetti takes a detailed look at deaeration and the importance of removing air from new and retrofit heating systems

Fuelling the future

Managing director of NAPIT Certification, David Cowburn, discusses the recent consultation on the Energy Company Obligation and how this could affect those living in fuel poverty in the future