Heating, Ventilating & Plumbing
Don’t believe all the hype

Nigel Morrison discusses why oil heating is still a viable option for rural properties and how the future looks bright for the industry

The right choice for your business

Mark Krull looks at how installers can determine which renewables are right for their business and the types of customers each will attract

Getting the basics right

As designer radiators continue to grow in popularity, it’s important to remember the basics when it comes to their selection and installation. Here, Gareth Charles looks at how to ensure radiators are sized and sited correctly

Tackling fuel poverty now

OFTEC will once again be joining forces with Age UK and the Energy Bill Revolution to help raise awareness of the millions of people in the UK who struggle to heat their homes, explains Jeremy Hawksley

The booming business of biomass

Finian Parrick advises installers on what to consider and the steps to take before moving into biomass

The good, the bad and the ugly

Stephen Knight discusses the domestic RHI to date, giving an overview of statistics and outlining the positive and negative points of the scheme

Female plumbers in the pink

Jo Lawrence, owner of the Pink Plumbers brand, explains why she joined the industry and why it’s so important that more support is made available for other women who want to become plumbers

Train to sustain your business

Regular training is vital to ensure best specification and installation practice, says Jamie Harris. Here, he advises on the current training resources available for today’s busy installers.

Point of use water heating

Redring talks to HVP about the products it has developed to combat the amount of water and energy wasted waiting for water to heat up

Approaching heat recovery systems

Polypipe discusses how to approach ‘green’ ventilation systems in refurbishments as more people look to renovate their existing properties

LPG: The off-grid alternative

Paul Madge advises heating engineers on the benefits of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) as a viable choice for off-grid fuel

Raising the bar

Isaac Occhipinti discusses the evolution of industry standards for hot water cylinders, and their importance in maintaining high quality products

The scale of the problem

Many UK water systems struggle with the build up of scale. Traditionally, salt-based systems have been used but, given the many concerns about this option, Tony Klimas suggests the industry consider an alternative solution

Keeping your hands protected

Nigel Dibbo explains why it is crucial to look after your most important tools

Why ongoing water treatment is key

With boiler sales on the rise, Dr Neil Watson explains why now is the time for installers to educate customers, and how best to maintain an efficient system

Electrical warmth

Electric heating systems are now beginning to establish a stronger foothold in the UK market, having proven popular in Europe for many years, says Gareth Charles. Here, he looks at some of their features and benefits

Campaigning against a killer

With Plumb Center and Honeywell campaigning for mandatory CO alarms, HVP takes a moment to remind installers why detection of this dangerous gas is vital

Building up bathroom business

Bathroom installations can be lucrative for installers, providing the opportunity to impress a customer with a practical design and high standard of finish. Paul Brookes looks at the issues that must be taken into account to ensure professional results

Can renewables fly without the RHI?

Jed Smith discusses whether or not we really need the Renewable Heat Incentive to sell-in renewables against fossil-fuel alternatives

Get involved with the RHI

With the Green Deal scheme continuing to be a slow-burner, HVP explains how installers can get accredited to work under the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive

GSI: Gas Safe Investigation

HVP attended a Gas Safe investigation to find out how the Register works to protect homeowners, and promote the use of registered engineers

Profiting from solar PV

As the cost of solar PV comes down, customers are beginning to see the benefits of having the technology installed. Plumb and Parts Center’s Tim Pollard explains how to get more out of solar

A day in the life of an installer

HVP speaks to Chris Flaherty, sole-proprietor of Vietec Heating, about his experiences in the heating and plumbing industry

Ventilation: why so serious?

As we begin to make our homes more air tight and energy efficient, Kelly Butler asks if the industry is taking indoor air quality seriously enough

One size does not fit all

Correct sizing of heat emitters is critical to ensure heat pump systems deliver the highest running cost savings and are eligible for domestic RHI payments, explains Stuart Gadsden