Heating, Ventilating & Plumbing
Five tips for improving business administration

Graham Whistance, Managing Director at MyMobileWorkers, gives his top tips for improving administration in your business.

Summer is the time to check condensate

Neil Macdonald, Technical Manager at the Heating and Hotwater Industry Council (HHIC), explains why we should check condensate pipes in the summer months.

Passing the torch to the next generation of your business

Adam Bernstein looks at what to consider when deciding upon a succession plan for your business.

The rise of underfloor heating

Richard Harvey, Category Director for Heating, Parts, Pumps and Controls at Wolseley, examines growing consumer interest in underfloor heating.

The HWA's new design guide for hot water storage solutions

Isaac Occhipinti, Head of External Affairs at the Hot Water Association (HWA), runs through a new design guide which sets out how stored hot water solutions can be incorporated into heat networks.

Is manufacturer training worth your time?

HVP Editor Joe Dart attended a Baxi training day to find out what installers can gain from manufacturer training.

What does GDPR mean for you?

GDPR is big news for the industry and, while the topic has been around for a few months now, many installers are still not up to speed. David Cook, Sales Director at Baxi, breaks down the most important information for you.

It's time for TRVs to be mandatory across the board, says BEAMA

BEAMA confronts the lack of TRV representation in Boiler Plus, and why this is an enormous missed opportunity.

Consumer guide to hydraulic balancing

Steve Sutton, Technical Manager at the Heating and Hotwater Industry Council (HHIC) explains the association’s new consumer guide on hydraulic balancing.

Don't pay for workplace discrimination

Reporting for HVP, Adam Bernstein breaks down the types of discrimination that can occur in a company of any size, and the potential repercussions.

Is the ECO enough?

BEAMA asks whether the Energy Company Obligation is doing enough to drive the uptake of heating controls.

The benefits and issues with S and Y plan systems

Neil Macdonald, Technical Manager at the Heating and Hotwater Industry Council, breaks down the benefits and common issues found with S and Y plan heating systems.

Be aware for Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week will help to cast a spotlight on an important issue, says Anne Timpany, Director of On Tap Plumbers.

Determining the future of hot water storage in the UK

Isaac Occhipinti, Head of External Affairs at the Hot Water Association, breaks down the government’s recent call for evidence on heat in buildings, and how it could determine the future of hot water storage in the UK.

Announcing the winners of the HVP Innovation Showcase

The time has finally come to crown the HVP Innovation Showcase winners’ list. These five winning products have been crowned by our judges as being the best of the best.

Is hydrogen the fuel of the future?

Hydrogen gas could play a major role in the future as a fuel source heating the UK's homes and businesses. HVP's Joe Dart reports.

Common customer misconceptions you can clear up

As Boiler Plus looms, BEAMA examines some common misconceptions with heating systems and controls that installers should aim to clear up with customers.

How changes to SAP could impact you

Steve Sutton, Technical Manager at the Heating and Hotwater Industry Council, explains the likely impact of the government’s planned update to the Standard Assessment Procedure.

Avoiding the worst kind of theft from your business

Theft by customers and third-party criminals is bad enough, but it hurts most when staff commit criminal acts against the business that employs them. Adam Bernstein discusses.

Top tricks of the trade for shower installations

At a recent training session held by manufacturer Triton, three installers who attended were asked to share their tricks of the trade when installing showers. Here's what they had to say:

The shift to unvented hot water cylinders explained

The traditional domestic hot water vented cylinder is gradually being replaced where possible with unvented units. Isaac Occhipinti, Head of External Affairs at the Hot Water Association, explains why.

Hattie Hasan: From plumbing trainee to diversity vanguard

HVP sat down with Hattie Hasan, founder of Stopcocks Women Plumbers, to talk about her journey from budding plumber to successful businesswoman and role model. Tom Hogarth reports.

Getting up to speed with Boiler Plus

Stewart Clements explains what installers need to know ahead of the Boiler Plus rollout in April.

The modernisation of heating controls explained

Reporting for HVP, Kevin Stanley spoke to manufacturers to identify the drivers behind the shift from the dull, grey thermostat on the wall to more modern, stylish, wireless controls.

Is CPD the key to raising standards?

Richard Soper says that continuing professional development can play a vital role raising standards across the sector.

Avoid the dangers of automatic pension enrolment

Adam Bernstein reports for HVP on the potential pitfalls of employee pension auto-enrolment.

Breaking down the EUA Fuel Poverty Report

HVP’s Tom Hogarth examines the EUA’s new Fuel Poverty Report, which hopes to offer solutions for tackling fuel poverty in the UK.

Electrical installation safety bulletin from the HWA

Isaac Occhipinti updates installers on the correct electrical installation of water heating products.

The new campaign taking the axe to safety tax

HVP’s Joe Dart spoke to Gas Tag Chief Executive Paul Durose to learn more about the company’s new campaign to remove the VAT charge on domestic safety products.

Be prepared for new controls standards

Additional standards for heating controls come into effect this year and installers need to be prepared for their introduction, says Colin Timmins.

Tax could change in 2018, make sure you know how

Jason Piper explains some of the proposed changes to tax planning that could soon be introduced.

Supplying the right hot water system for the customer

Isaac Occhipinti explains the importance of ensuring a home’s hot water facilities are tailored to the occupants’ needs.

Spotting a counterfeit boiler part

For heating engineers, it’s vital to be able to successfully identify a non-genuine boiler part. David Willetts offers his top tips for spotting a fake part.

Does the Aldous Bill represent a solution to the cash retentions issue?

Cash retentions have become a crippling problem for the construction industry, and a new bill hopes to take the first step in finding a solution. Tom Hogarth reports.

The role of micro-CHPs in the future of the industry

Steve Sutton asks whether fuel cell-based micro-CHPs are likely to play a major role in the key energy solutions of the future.

Learn it all at the Energy Academy

A new state-of-the-art training academy, backed by a major heating contractor, is hoping to drive up standards across the sector. HVP’s Joe Dart visited the centre to find out more.

Dealing with phoenix companies

Sarah Carlton examines the business practice of launching a phoenix company after insolvency.

Heating controls and insulation are most efficient together

Insulation without heating controls only solves half of the energy efficiency puzzle, says Colin Timmins.

Tips for preventing frozen condensate in pipes

Neil Macdonald provides tips for dealing with frozen condensate in pipework.

Should we be making more use of hot water storage systems?

Isaac Occhipinti and Ian Robinson evaluate the performance and advantages of hot water storage solutions.

Solving real problems with the CIPHE's virtual training

Mike Lee explains how a new series of ‘virtual reality’ courses can help improve safety when it comes to the design, installation and maintenance of water-using appliances.

Forging a good customer relationship

Jack Smithson provides advice on how installers can maintain positive relationships with their customers.

What does it take to join Pimlico Plumbers?

Pimlico Plumbers has grown to become one of the most high profile employers in the sector. HVP’s Tom Hogarth sat down with Recruitment Manager Darren Robins to find out what it takes to wear the red and blue uniform.

Family businesses, do you have a succession plan in place?

Independent, family-run businesses are an integral part of British culture. Steph Brown offers some tips on how to make sure there is a succession plan in place for your business.

Are you ready for changes to Building Regulations?

Changes to Building Regulation Part L next year will make more work for installers in the private rented sector, according to Baxi and the APHC. Jennie Ward reports.

Electric showers are back in vogue

Lisa Ward provides six reasons why installers need to stay plugged in to the pros of electric showers.

What you need to know about the impending General Data Protection Regulation

Data protection law has been updated by the European Union and will be in place in less than a year. Despite the Brexit vote, businesses need to note the changes, as the penalties for breaches will be severe and adjusting to the new rules will take time. Adam Bernstein explains the situation.

Testing out Dexters Workwear

HVP recruited Jamie Kenna, of Kenna Plumbing in London, to put products from Dexters Workwear through their paces and see if they stand up to the day-to-day challenges of installer life.

Catching up with the Plumber of the Year

HVP’s Tom Hogarth tracked down Drew Styles, fresh off winning UK Plumber of the Year, to talk about how he got to where he is, and how he continues to improve himself and his business.

Stay fire safe

In the wake of the tragedy at Grenfell Tower, installers are being reminded of their fire safety obligations when laying pipes and ducting. Jennie Ward reports.